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West India Regiment in Brooklyn, New York

Men Marching, West India Regiment in Spring Valley, NY
The Ex West Indian Servicemen Association, based in Brooklyn, New York, is dedicated to a British regiment, which formed in 1795 and disbanded in 1927.

The first battalion of the West India Regiment was reformed in 1959 and disbanded in 1962. Read more about the WIR on our About Us page.

Catch up with Fellow Alumni
Our website is an outlet for the First Battalion of the West India Regiment alumni to find out what is happening by the way of reunions, parties, and other events. We encourage you to submit your personal information, then and now photos, and any comments you may have, to be published online.

We also publish interesting items, including a historical overview of regimental colours.

Spoken Tales of History
Mutiny is one of the last untold stories of World War I, told by veterans themselves.

Thousands of West Indian men had to campaign for the right to fight on behalf of King and Country, but by the end of the war, they were leading an extraordinary mutiny, in protest at the way they were treated by the white officer elite.
After the mutiny, the government feared the unrest that the veterans might cause on their return to the Caribbean colonies, so more than 4,000 former soldiers found themselves displaced to Cuba, where many would spend their final days.

Clifford Powell (aged 110), Eugent Clarke (aged 106), and Gershon Brown (aged 101), speak of their service with the British West Indies Regiment during World War I. And for the first time on television, the mutiny at Taranto and its long-term repercussions are revealed.

Flag - West India Regiment, Spring Valley, NY Stripped to the waist and sweated chest
Midday's reprieve much-needed rest
We dug and hauled and lifted high
From trenches deep toward the sky
Non-fighting troops and yet we die
-From "Black Soldier's Lament"
Flag - West India Regiment, Spring Valley, NY

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